Monday, December 1, 2008

My chocolate cake

Well, the cake is ready at last. After much persuasion from my little angels, I gave up. I know they are my die-hard fans and they always love whatever I cook for them. This time it's the chocolate cake they crave for so long. Chocolate cake, huh! I'm definitely not an excellent cook. I can cook...well...simple dishes. In fact, my sweet loving hubby is a better cook than me. He even cooked for our last Raya open house. Imagine my guests' surprise when they learnt that everything was his, not mine. I cleaned up the house and became the perfect hostess. In the end of the day, I resumed the task of cleaning up everything, with his help and support of course!

My chocolate cake is not the hard-to-do cake. It's soooo easy. Even my children can bake it. I use the shortcut recipe. I absolutely know my chocolate cake will turn out to be just fine. I know my little angels will be asking for more. I've to admit I'm quite reluctant to tell you the process because it's too easy. It really proves that I'm hopeless in baking. Maybe my new year resolution should be more training and knowledge in cooking and baking. My dearest Abang will be the happiest man on earth if I stick to the resolution. Who knows I can be the best cook in the world or perhaps in the universe.... Wow!

The World of Amida

The World of Amida was created by my sweet loving hubby. He said that this blog belongs to both of us. Well, I've to admit I need my very own privacy but sharing sounds err...nice too as we've been married for nearly 10 years (yeah...we're going to celebrate our 10th anniversary on 11 Dec 2008) and of course there shouldn't be any secret between the two of us. Wow...did I say that?

The World of Amida (combination of his name and mine) will be my first blog. I love writing but usually all the ideas are either stuck in my head, scribbled on paper...then thrown or missing in action. I still remember when I was young. I was always a dreamer and had this desire that one day I'd be a writer. Sigh..but I didn't have the guts. I felt people would sneer at all my masterpieces so I simply wrote then kept them safely hidden, up to the point I myself couldn't find them! Maybe this is the best time to start. Better now than never!

The World of Amida is my platform to share my world, or should I say, our world to the rest of the world. His world is my world and my world is his world. I'm one bloody lucky woman. Well, all of us are living in one world, so why not share the same blog. I've no complain...




From afar
the waves
break it
The silence
is awakened
in awe
The voices
The heartbeats
the silence
The sleepy
The tales
page by page
The memoir
from afar.

Last edit : 3 July 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proton MPV - Betul ker??? Mengancam jugak.

5 Minutes Recipe - Meehoon Singapore

Ahad - 23/11/2008
Bangun tidur perut lapar, pergi dapur buka fridge tengok apa-apa boleh masak. Yes, hari ini nak masak Meehon Singapore Segera

a) 1 bungkus meehoon - rendam dalam air suam dan toskan
b) Boneless daging ayam - potong kecil-kecil
c) Bawang besar - 2 biji )
d) Bawang putih - 5 ulas ) kisar halus
e) Halia - 1/4 inci )
e) Taugeh - 2 genggam / sebanyak mana yang anda suka
f) Daun kucai - dipotong 1/2 inci - segenggam / sebanyak mana yang anda suka
g) Carrot 1/2 batang - potong panjang halus
h) Serbuk lada hitam
i) Garam
j) 2 kiub ayam segera - Knoor atau Maggi

Cara Memasak
1) Panaskan minyak
2) Tumiskan bahan-bahan yang dikisar
3) Bila pecah minyak, masukkan 2 kiub ayam dan daging ayam
4) Campurkan garam (1/2 sudu besar) dan serbuk lada hitam (1/2 sudu besar) atau
secukup rasa
5) Gaul rata sampai daging ayam masak.
6) Masukkan meehoon dan carrot - gaul rata
7) Masukkan taugeh dan daun kuchai - gaul rata
8) Angkat dan hiaskan dgn hirisan tomato, hirisan telur dadar dan cili merah

Selamat mencuba