Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hi uols,

How's your raya celebration this year? Today, my son had an appointment at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. So I took a day off to accompany him. But today's entry has nothing to do with his visit, wokey! It's all about raya. I'm sure you have snapped many photos on Hari Raya. Just imagine... I, at first, wasn't in mood of celebrating the day... But thanks to my youngers sisters Yun & Kak Cik (her name is Nooraini but we call her Kak Chik since she's a baby), I was transformed in a split second. Knp? X cayer? Uols tgk ler sendiri.... hehehehe...

On the 1st of Syawal, there're only my family (MCA, my kids & me), Mak, Abah, my younger brothers (Kimi & Fadzli), my younger sis (Kak Chik & Yun) & her son aka my nephew (Ayip). I came quite late (nearly at noon). Sorry yer... Kemaskini rumah sendiri dolu...;)So are u ready to see our lovely... handsome faces?

Let me introduce my happy family..... The Orange Family!MCA wasn't so keen of bright orange so he opted for peach... OK ler tu... suku sakat oren gak.. & my lil gal kebaya... grey & orange.. cotton... her fave kebaya, i think.

Then... tara... d pic of my lil Raina & me.... Cun tak kami berdua? Mcm adik & kakak tak? hehehe...
Here is the photo of Abah & Mak, my 2 younger sisters, me (orange & green tudung) & my lil gal
Next is with my Mak, my 2 younger sis (Yun(left) & Kak Chik (right)), my lil Raina, my 2 sons & my nephew (Ayip-dpn sekali)
There're other photos but I don't have patience to upload all of 'em... so maybe you can see them in FB coz I uploaded most of our raya photos there. My credit to my sisters Yun & Kak Chik who took the initiative to snap or ask someone to snap the photos... & boy, I've to admit, I looked different on that day. Maybe because of my weight loss (another 4.7kg) in Ramadhan or the eyeliner?

Well, once again I'd like to wish uols "HAPPY EID MUBARAK"! May your Hari Raya celebration be blessed with peace, happiness & joy. My apology for any wrongdoings... MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN...

p.s. Still contemplating whether to do an open house or not. What d'ya think?