Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's already October. Wow, time really flies fast. Here I am, sharing my thoughts AGAIN in this blog. As if people are interested to read any of my writings. Who cares! I'm here to write (err..type?) so what?

It's still Syawal & I believe a lot of Malaysians are still attending open houses. Somehow, I feel this year there are not too many open houses compared to last year. Is it my imagination? Or maybe I'm not in KL. This year, I did get invitations but I had to decline many of them. Reasons? They are so simple. First, the venues are too far. I'm in Kedah & the hosts are in KL, Selangor, or Perak.... Second, the time itself is not suitable. Besides, there's only one Roshida. I can't clone myself & let my other Roshida attend the open house on my behalf. Hello....I'm still sane. Why should I tire myself. I don't need to force myself if I really can't go. Wait till the break comes. I'll make sure I'll be vengeful & visit them one by one, insyaAllah.

My open house? Our open house? We are still thinking & I'm not sure whether we'll do it this year. Both of us are quite busy. There are tons to do. If we want to carry out our very open house, planning is very vital. Of course, I won't cook. I'm hopeless in cooking for dozens of people. I'll let my beloved sweetheart do it. He's good at it. I'll be his assistant. I'm good at being one. It's just the cleaning up that I loathe. I have to be the mistress of the cleaning project. He's just my supporter. He's a good helper but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to ensure everybody, including my kids, share the burden. Many hands make work light. Oh yeah... sometimes too many hands make mess & not the same hands help clear up the mess. Trust me.

So...are we having our open house???? Let time be the judge. To have an open house or not to have an open house.....that's the question.... I dare not answer because I myself do not have the answer YET! Till then...I rest myself....

Monday, April 6, 2009


Here I am again.....after a long silence. It's already April and it means the day is approaching nearer and nearer.

April. The month I love but loathe. Lots of things to do yet so little time to spend. My unfinished business....gosh, if only I am a superwoman! Who am I to complain. I, whose faults are very much mine, shouldn't grumble. I have no right to blame other people. The tasks are mine.....mine.....seclusively mine....(sigh)....

1st April=April Fool. So what? I don't care! I am never interested to be involved in any of the pranks. I didn't even realise it was April Fool! The day was so normal. So boring. Nothing happened. My world went on so well. Nobody cared and they didn't notice it at all. Then, it hit me a few days later that I was safe! I simply forgot. So much things to do and one of them was not about making fun or playing pranks.

My beloved April.....I was born in April! 20th April to be more exact. Everytime I look at the mirror, I see myself changing slowly, transforming me to be ME! The existence of me is like a small dot in the universe. I know my journey of life has encountered various faces of life. I've drunk the potion of life. It can either kill me or heal me. I am alive for all those memories- both sweet or sorrowful. "To be or not to be, that is the question," the saying lingers and I am breathing the essence of life till the day I am no more a living human being.

Here I am, still pondering to embrace April with open arms, welcoming April as an old flame I love or just accept April as coldly as a foe I should despise. After so long, I make up my mind.....friend or foe.......treat them equally. I shouldn't be biased......(sigh)

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Cow Accident

Well, it's been ages since I last wrote and there're many things I'd like to share but let me share THE accident.

It happened yesterday (2.2.2009). It was early in the morning. The day was still dark. The three of us were on our way to school which is situated about 45 km from my house. The day began like any other day. Ilah was the driver as this week it's her turn to drive. Awin sat next to her and I was at the back seat, still sleepy as I slept quite late the night before.

We were reaching Bukit Selambau when out of the blue, a herd of cow crossed the road. I still remember they shouted "Lembu" (Cow). I could see the cows very well. Ilah tried to brake but it was too late. Her effort was fruitless. I was shocked and unprepared. Well, I wasn't wearing my seat belt as well. Padan muka. Serve me right. The brake was too abrupt. I tried to prevent myself from hitting the front seat. Luckily, Ilah wasn't speeding. Still, I couldn't control myself. I fell down from my seat! Gosh! It really hurt! I was in tears. I was trembling and my body ached. It was like a dream. Nothing seemed real but it was 100% real.

After awhile, we started to check each other. Luckily, nobody was injured. Yet the cows were nowhere. Maybe they ran away out of fear. Amazingly, the cows were not hurt. Awin tried to get out of the car to pick up the bumper which fell but she was in fear as she saw a cow's head in a hole. She got back into the car. Ilah called up her husband. I tried to call up mine but nobody picked up the phone. Damn! When Ilah tried to open her door, she realised that it was useless. After 10 to 15 minutes, her husband turned up. There were other people as well. All the onlookers were interested. Hey! Hitting cows early in the morning is not everyone's cup of tea. At last we made up our mind that we won't be going to work. So we went back to SP. At first, we went to the government clinic but there're too many people so we headed to a stall and had our breakfast there. Then, together we went to lodge a police report. Actually, Ilah did it. Awin and I waited till she's done. By now, we could make a joke out of the incident yet my body started to scream in pain.

Now, after experiencing the unfogettable accident involving cows, after getting the MC from the clinic, I am thankful and relieved. All of us are safe and sound. No bleeding. No scar. Yeah, my body is still aching and throbbing but I am OK. Of course I am still traumatised by the incident. It was definitely a day I will remember. Maybe this is the sign to fill up the transfer form. Maybe the time has come.

Where was the owner of the cows? It's really dangerous to let the cows wander without supervision. Why didn't I wear the seat belt? Like other people, I despise the idea but now after the accident, I have a second thought. It isn't a bad idea after all. Poor Ilah. Her car is in the "clinic" waiting to be examined and repaired. Thank God, the insurance will cover the expenses.

Looking back, I realise I forgot to "salam" (shake) & kiss my hubby's hands. It's the routine I always do before I leave my house but on that day, it slipped out of my mind. But "life goes on". I must bear in mind that the accident won't drain my courage on the wheel. I must be strong. It's definitely a day I won't forget. A day which is rare but once it occurs has a big impact on you.

Cows are cows. Cows are not humans. With that, I rest my case....