Monday, April 6, 2009


Here I am again.....after a long silence. It's already April and it means the day is approaching nearer and nearer.

April. The month I love but loathe. Lots of things to do yet so little time to spend. My unfinished business....gosh, if only I am a superwoman! Who am I to complain. I, whose faults are very much mine, shouldn't grumble. I have no right to blame other people. The tasks are mine.....mine.....seclusively mine....(sigh)....

1st April=April Fool. So what? I don't care! I am never interested to be involved in any of the pranks. I didn't even realise it was April Fool! The day was so normal. So boring. Nothing happened. My world went on so well. Nobody cared and they didn't notice it at all. Then, it hit me a few days later that I was safe! I simply forgot. So much things to do and one of them was not about making fun or playing pranks.

My beloved April.....I was born in April! 20th April to be more exact. Everytime I look at the mirror, I see myself changing slowly, transforming me to be ME! The existence of me is like a small dot in the universe. I know my journey of life has encountered various faces of life. I've drunk the potion of life. It can either kill me or heal me. I am alive for all those memories- both sweet or sorrowful. "To be or not to be, that is the question," the saying lingers and I am breathing the essence of life till the day I am no more a living human being.

Here I am, still pondering to embrace April with open arms, welcoming April as an old flame I love or just accept April as coldly as a foe I should despise. After so long, I make up my mind.....friend or foe.......treat them equally. I shouldn't be biased......(sigh)