Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mid semester 1 break is just around the corner!

What? Another break? Another holiday? For us? Yes!

I have a lot to do and the list is so long......and some in it have been frozen for so long. Yeah, I'm a lady with a zillion wishes yet of course I can't carry out EVERY THING! Hello. I'm not a SUPER HERO with a super duper power who can do everything in a split second. Even Superman is not perfect. That's why he has to be Clark Kent & avoid the Kryptonite stone.... Even Spiderman, Cicakman, Ultraman or other super heroes have their very own weaknesses which show that to err is definitely human's special gift.

I've listed all the do's and as usual, I'm not sure whether they will expire without any action done....Alah, give me a break....It does me no harm to build sandcastles in the air! I need to daydream but I won't let myself become the old version of Mat Jenin who was dead in the end because of his daydreaming.... Like the late Martin Luther King once said, " I have a dream...."

So, one more holiday & I'm ready.....hehehe.....