Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's already October. Wow, time really flies fast. Here I am, sharing my thoughts AGAIN in this blog. As if people are interested to read any of my writings. Who cares! I'm here to write (err..type?) so what?

It's still Syawal & I believe a lot of Malaysians are still attending open houses. Somehow, I feel this year there are not too many open houses compared to last year. Is it my imagination? Or maybe I'm not in KL. This year, I did get invitations but I had to decline many of them. Reasons? They are so simple. First, the venues are too far. I'm in Kedah & the hosts are in KL, Selangor, or Perak.... Second, the time itself is not suitable. Besides, there's only one Roshida. I can't clone myself & let my other Roshida attend the open house on my behalf. Hello....I'm still sane. Why should I tire myself. I don't need to force myself if I really can't go. Wait till the break comes. I'll make sure I'll be vengeful & visit them one by one, insyaAllah.

My open house? Our open house? We are still thinking & I'm not sure whether we'll do it this year. Both of us are quite busy. There are tons to do. If we want to carry out our very open house, planning is very vital. Of course, I won't cook. I'm hopeless in cooking for dozens of people. I'll let my beloved sweetheart do it. He's good at it. I'll be his assistant. I'm good at being one. It's just the cleaning up that I loathe. I have to be the mistress of the cleaning project. He's just my supporter. He's a good helper but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to ensure everybody, including my kids, share the burden. Many hands make work light. Oh yeah... sometimes too many hands make mess & not the same hands help clear up the mess. Trust me.

So...are we having our open house???? Let time be the judge. To have an open house or not to have an open house.....that's the question.... I dare not answer because I myself do not have the answer YET! Till then...I rest myself....